Hello there, I'm Antonin and I'm a Junior Game Designer !

Currently student in 5th and last year of a Master of Game Design & Management at Rubika Supinfogame(Valenciennes, France), I'm fulfilling my life mainly through travelling, organizing stuffs for the ones I love, and creating games.

I also tend to do a lot of puns which people consider as lame but I'm convinced they're not.


I am currently looking for a 6-month internship or a job as Junior Game Designer and/or Level Designer starting in August, 2017. I'm open to relocation. Everywhere !



I like the power of making players feel and express different emotions, whether through gameplay or narration.

As a game designer, I believe in simple but deep mechanics to provide accessible but interesting experiences.

In another hand I'm also really interested about Level Design, especially regarding Mission Design : how to be sure your features are amazing without being able to create efficient gameplay situations ?

As a level designer, I believe in credible levels but rich in possibilities to guide the players through an intuitive playground.


Here is an example of my ability to decrypt a full game system.


In a team, I see myself as a pivot asset between artists, developers and producers.

I can prototype features, systems, FXs and manage projects : I understand the needs of every of these jobs to be able to clearly communicate them my work and to increase the communication in the team.


I'm interested in the development of multiplayer games, as I already started through my work on the MMORPG DOFUS.

I'm experienced in the production and development of both PC and mobiles games in teams from 4 to 40 people.


Some genres and games I love :

- Action-RPG, for their immersion and system (Transistor, FF: Crystal Chronicle);

- FPS Multiplayer, for their communication and cooperation (SWAT 4, Overwatch);

- Hack'n Slash, for their fast pace and personalization (Diablo, Dungeon Siege II);

- Contemplative, for their simple but meaningful mechanics (Journey, Passage);

- Warcraft III. Nothing to add here.


I'm highly implicated in volunteering under all its forms, because you don't always need to get paid to do something meaningful. This way, I spent 2 months travelling alone in Ireland helping farmers through WWOOFing, learning beekeeping and discovering celtic culture.


- I'm the ambassador and co-manager of the association BDS We Are Sports, I organize and manage a multi-sports session for dozens of people every week. We also organize huge sport events for more than 300 people !


- I was the treasurer and co-manager of the association BDE Supinfogame FRANCE, and I contributed to create events, such as galas for hundreds of people. I still continue to fully organize a ski trip for up-to 50 people every year since 2014.


- I'm also working as night guard every year since 2014 at the Paleo Festival in Nyon (Switzerland), where I keep an eye on the area all night long...




I'm also a homemade adventurer and love to explore new places.

For me, travelling is both a challenge and an incredible opportunity : accepting to leave everyone you love and everything you know to go somewhere you've never been before is not something easy, but I never regretted it.

I'm also active on Couchsurfing, give me a call if you need somewhere to sleep !


For now I travelled to numerous countries, but there are still so many to visit ! Hopefully video games are made and played everywhere, so I hope to find opportunities all around the world to work and travel as Game Designer. I would love to make Canada my new home.


Here are a few snapshots taken on the go. I'm not a professional photographer but still, I like to try to get the best of every place I visit. No filter.

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