Oniric 360° runner


2016 | Lead Game Designer


Developed on Unity




I worked as Lead Game Designer and conceived the story of Kundalini. I also developed the menus and did a bit of prototyping.

Kundalini is an oniric 360° runner game where the player is riding around the water-body of a gigantic furious dragon, and has to reach and ring bells in order to appease it. The game has been developed within only two weeks by a team of 22 students through a workshop in partnership with Gameloft.

















In this fantasmagoric game, the player has to use a gamepad to move its character and make it dodge obstacles while running forward. As the dragon is getting more and more furious, they has to pick up Lotus to charge energy, then to ring bells to calm it down. Otherwise if it gets totally angry, the player will be ejected.


We worked a lot on the gamefeel and the controls of the game in order to have something really pleasant to play. The whole game consists to reach the head of the dragon in order to bring him to peace, while passing through unique and stunning environment

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